RESEARCH LIBRARY of Tomsk State University

PROmotion: Open diary

Greetings to everyone, who went on this Internet page: readers, colleagues, Web visitors! We open the new rubric «PROmotion», which – we hope! – will bring us closer. This step is not coincidental.

The changes that are taking place in the Library today are obvious. They are part of the transformation of the educational system and science as a whole--the aims that the University set itself, as well as our understanding the necessity to find own answers to current challenges. We believe that it is essential to speak openly of where and why we are going, what kind of difficulties follow us along this way, and how it is possible to overcome them.

We intend the rubric «PROmotion», to become the platform, the channel of communication, where in open dialogue we will together try to comprehend what is going on at present: whether it corresponds to the declared goals and given tasks of the Library.

What kind of meaning is in the name «PROmotion»? This is also represents of our attitudes, our conscious choice (one of the meanings of the Latin word «PRO» – «FOR»), and a narrative about motion – the process of overcoming obstacles in the way.

With whom and what we are going to talk about? We rely on dialog with all our readers and Library personnel on the most topical issues, which are connected with reorganizations in the Library’s activity, with the strategy of its development.

Heads of departments, project managers, specialists of different focus areas, employees with initiative will become authors of the rubric. In what they say, they will not only inform the listeners of what is going on, but they will share their own thoughts about key problems and the ways to solve them, and outline perspectives. So, there will be an open diary, where self-examination, self-actualization is the way to communicate with confidence.

It is important for us that everyone who reads the diary becomes our active interlocutor, actively asking questions. As far as the transformation is not an end in itself, the changes are meant to change the Library for the better, and the activity and conditions of the work in it. We offer our readers and staff the chance to express their opinions of what they think about current changes, where, in their opinion, the Library is going, and which problems in this context are the most important. Your comments, opinions and suggestions will be a lively source of discussion within the rubric, and will define the vector of the dialog.

In the near future we plan to hold a talk about important areas reflected in the Roadmap of the Library’s development: the concept of the space renovation and changes in the work of personnel and readers that are connected with that; and informational support of education and scientific research. We plan to renew items published in the rubric each week. Previous materials will be accessible in the archive.

Colleagues and readers! We hope that you will not remain indifferent outside observers, but instead will entertain our suggestion and will have your word in the rubric «PROmotion» as part of the new history of the Research Library.