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Schlieker, K. Meine ABC Spielbox

This learning pack consisting of a book, a poster and game cards is useful for teaching German to preschoolers and elementary school children. The name of what animal starts with the letter “B”, what sound is heard in the word “Sonne”? A child is supposed to find the appropriate card. Various exercises can be devised on the basis of the colorful poster, for instance, to make up a short story. And the book contains numerous illustrations and examples of sentences for each letter of the alphabet, ideas for games, tips for learners.

Schlieker, K. Meine ABC Spielbox. Lernspaß für Vorschulkids – München: Dorling Kindersley, 2018.- 39 p. (Location – German reading room, catalogue code - Ш143.24 S33)

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