НАУЧНАЯ БИБЛИОТЕКА Томского государственного университета

Department of Main Collection

Head: Ekaterina V. Ivanovskaya

Phone:: (+73822) 78-51-31

E-mail: ivanovskaya_e@lib.tsu.ru

Location: The Old Building, 1st floor, Room 14.

Historic reference

This Office was established in October 1938 as a structural subdivision of the University and was transformed into Main Collection Office in 1998. Its main goals are organization, storage and use of the Library’s main collection.

The development of the main collection began with the signing of the Order on the Establishment of Siberian University in Tomsk (May 16, 1878). The Library’s original collection was based on the numerous donations to the young Siberian university. The collection has been developing throughout its century-long history, and includes documents and materials of the 18th to the 21st centuries, free obligatory publication copies up to 1959, paid obligatory publications copy up to 1989, and donated collections of recognized researchers of the University and other private individuals. Today the Library’s collection includes 3,600,000 items. The most requested materials of the main collection are allocated in the Library reading rooms and are in free access. Digitization of books, Siberian newspapers, and dissertations defended at TSU enables preserving the collection and making it available to all readers.
The collection is organized by type of publication: the stock of books, the stock of periodicals, the stock of newspapers, and the stock of arts publications.

The information about the Library main collection is reflected in all Library catalogs.

In the electronic catalog since 1996 is information:
•    about new books,
•    about the most requested documents of the main collection,
The information about the journal collection documents from 1998 can be found there, as well as about newspaper collection materials from 2007.


  • Satisfying information requests of the users.
  • Providing  highly qualified management of the Library main collection, ensuring storage conditions and safety in the allocation of the main collection.
  • Promoting the Library stocks
  • Selecting and removing out-of-date and duplicated documents.


  • Providing materials of the main collection at readers’ requests.
  • Responding to the bibliographic and factual requests of the readers.
  • Providing individual consultation on searching and using the information sources, including the electronic catalog.
  • Providing tours.

27 employees work with the Library main collection. The office is divided into following suboffices:

  • Books, Head - Irina A. Kanaki, Chief Librarians -  Lyubov G. Shaburova, Anna A. Shikhovtseva.
  • Periodicals, Head - Irina V. Kuznetsova.
  • Operator team, Head - Elena A. Michailova.