RESEARCH LIBRARY of Tomsk State University

Chinese Chat Room

Time: Monday, 18:00

Place: German Reading Room

Description: Chinese Speaking Club is a meeting place for those who are interested in Chinese language and would like to practice speaking. You may learn about Chinese culture, customs, cuisine etc. Club members find friends here and communicate in a free atmosphere of a cultural polylogue.



Sebastjan Jemec. Sebastjan has finished his Master degree in Xiamen, China and he is fluent in Chinese to the extent that he wrote his Master thesis in Chinese. He’s passionate about learning new languages and exploring cultures. He is interested in topics such as the anthropology, ethnography and urban studies connected with China.



Wu Wanying  is a second–year TSU PhD student at the Faculty of Philology . She was born in China; after graduating from University she taught Chinese as a foreign language in Belarus. She  is fond of literature, cartoons & nature. In her free time, she prefers walking and reading.



Zhao Tengfei, a third-year philology undergraduate student, teaches Russian and Chinese, has worked as an interpreter, enjoys meeting people, and loves sports!




Sun Mingkai is a fourth-year bachelor student at the TSU Faculty of History and Political Studies. He is a regular at the Russian and Chinese speaking clubs, attended all the meetings of the Indonesian club. His hobbies are swimming and travelling. He likes to exercise, walk and spend time with his friends.




Contacts:, tel: (3822) 78-51-03.