RESEARCH LIBRARY of Tomsk State University

Subject librarians

A group of leading librarians work on the development of the Library book stock for various subject areas. The group operates in close contact with TSU faculty.

The subject librarians study the needs of the university faculties and departments in information support of academic and research programs (curricula, research subjects, plans of new university majors and degrees). With the faculty they discuss and approve the titles, types and number of copies of the purchased books. Subject librarians accept the university orders for purchasing books, journals and electronic resources (databases) necessary in educational and scientific work at TSU.

Team manager – Natalia I. Dolzhina, Head of the Service of Сollections Development. Phone: (+73822) 78-51-36. Email:


Astronomy, Physics, Engineering, Applied Mechanics, Mathematics, Informatics, Computer Technologies. Irina N. Efremova. Phone: (+73822) 78-51-36, Email:

Library Science. Maria A. Petrova. Phone: (+73822) 52-97-16, Email:

Biology, Medicine, Agriculture, Geography, Geology, Hydrology, Tourism, Sports, Meteorology, Ecology, Environmental Protection, Natural Sciences. Natalia I. Dolzhina. Phone: (+73822) 78-51-36, Email:

English Language . Maria K. Antonova. Phone: (+73822) 78-51-35,

Journalism, Foreign Languages (except English). Anna A. Kozik. Phone: (+73822) 78-51-36, Email:

Philosophy, Sociology, Ethics, Aesthetics, Religion, Science of Logic. Veronika D. Shubert. Phone: (+73822) 78-51-10, Email:

History, Political Science, Military Science, Philology, Fiction. Irina K. Khomyakova. Phone: (+73822) 78-51-38,

Bibliology. Natalia V. Goncharova. Phone: (+73822) 78-51-09, Email:

Radiophysics, Radio Engineering, Electronics, Optics. Svetlana V. Makrushina. Phone: (+73822) 41-38-23, Email:

Psychology, Culturology, Pedagogy, Education, Science Studies, Art. Ludmila V. Nupreichik.  Phone: (+73822) 53-42-94, Email:

Universal Reference Literature. Irina L. Faruksha. Phone: (+73822) 78-51-26, Email:

Chemical Sciences. Elena S. Sakharova. Phone: (+73822) 78-51-49, Email:

Economic Sciences. Andrey N. Kuzmin. Phone: (+73822) 78-51-38, E-mail:

Legal Sciences. Svetlana A. Romandina. Phone: (+73822) 78-51-49, Email: