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Submit your graduate work

Full texts of bachelor’s, master’s, specialist’s, postgraduate degree final qualifying works/scholarly papers (henceforth FQW) are stored in TSU e-library (repository).

FQW files are uploaded by students and postgraduates on their own under the following conditions.

A student:

  1.Checks FQW text for the amount and accuracy of quotation using Antiplagiat.Vuz* web-service.

     *Note: Due to unstable work of ExactusLike and Antiplagiat, it is recommended to use Antiplagiat.Vuz web-service to which designated staff members at faculties and librarians of the RL TSU Research Commons have access.

2. Saves the file of a short report or a note (downloaded by a designated staff member) stating that FQW text has been checked;

3. Scans the title sheet with all the signatures necessary to confirm eligibility to defend FQW

4. Merges the title sheet, FQW text* and the report about checking FQW text for the volume and accuracy of citations into one single file. The programs and links to the services on merging PDF files

*Note: the decision about the volume of disclosed FQW text which contains non-public information (excluding some chapters or providing extended abstract) is made by the head of the Principal Educational Program. If FQW text is uploaded abridged, a scanned document confirming this decision with the signature of PEP head must be included in FQW file.

5. Uploads the file (no later than 2 days before the defense) in TSU e-library (repository) through the Web-form. Instructions.

The uploaded FQW file can be replaced by the department of Digital Library upon official notice from the secretary of State Examination Board (SEB) sent to the e-mail with the new version of the file attached.

In general, while drawing up the work one should rely upon recommendations on bibliographic description of a document.

After being uploaded the FQW file is editorially revised and becomes available in TSU e-library (repository) within one working day*.

*Note: During the period of mass uploading of FQWs the time period of their appearance in TSU e-library (repository) may be extended up to two working days.


Browse the collection of “Final qualifying works (FQW)” in TSU e-library (repository) here.

The texts of final qualifying works are stored on an open source website under the following orders by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation:

  • of 29 June 2015 № 636 “On establishing the procedure for the final state certification on academic programs of higher education – bachelor’s, specialist’s and master’s degree programs” (with changes from March 27, 2020);
  • of 18 March 2016 № 227 “On establishing the procedure for the final state certification on academic programs of higher education – postgraduate (postgraduate military) academic and teaching staff training programs, medical residency programs, assistantship programs”.

Rules and regulations for storing texts of final qualifying works in TSU e-library (repository).

Rules and regulations for storing texts of postgraduates’ scholarly papers in TSU e-library (repository).


The following consultations are available:

- on the usage of the services checking the accuracy of citations and merging a report into FQW file – a bibliographer in the Research Commons. Tel. 78-51-23;

- on drawing up a FQW – in Educational Center, room №20 (RL New Building). Elena Kichigina. Tel. 78-51-56; e-mail:

- on uploading FQW in TSU e-library (repository) – in the department of Digital Library. Anastasiya Andriyanova. Tel. 78-51-47; e-mail: